Cake Mania Main Street

Cake Mania Main Street

It's a casual time management game with a cooking theme
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In 2011, Sandlot Games was purchased by Digital Chocolate, a larger game publisher known especially for its lawsuit against Zynga over the Mafia Wars name ownership. Since then, little has been heard about Sandlot Games' productions, but the Sandlot games are still easy to find on various game distribution websites like Steam or Big Fish Games. So, if you feel nostalgic for their casual, family-friendly games, you can still find them online, give them a try, and even purchase them.

Cake Mania Main Street is one of the typical family-friendly Sandlot games. It's a casual time management game with a cooking theme, part of the Cake Mania series that also includes titles such as Cake Mania: Back to the Bakery or Cake Mania: To The Max! The Cake Mania games were actually pretty famous back in the days, as back then the many clones and similarly-themed games weren't yet as numerous as they are nowadays.

Regarding the plot, it revolves around Jill, the main character, and her attempt to earn enough money to revitalize Main Street, hence the name of the game. You play as Jill and your target is to successfully open and manage four unique downtown shops which can be further upgraded or even turned into tourist attractions.

The strong point of Cake Mania Main Street is the fact that it manages to be quite comprehensive without getting complicated. There are almost 100 levels to play, 50 shop equipment upgrades, 40 unique recipes, and plenty of interesting customers, so getting bored while playing this game is almost impossible, especially if time-management games is your thing. Anyway, despite its comprehensiveness, Cake Mania Main Street remains pretty simple to play, and for hardcore players it lacks being truly challenging. Furthermore, the cartoon-ish visuals are rather average and the sounds are fun but childish. Given those, my opinion is that Cake Mania Main Street is definitely a game for the casual players that don't expect to play an unforgettable game, just one that helps them pass the time in an enjoyable manner.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple to play
  • Quite comprehensive in terms of levels, upgrades, etc
  • Can be played on older, low-requirements systems


  • Lacks being challenging
  • Unimpressive visuals and soundtrack
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